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On October 15, 2013, the Pecan Grove Car Wash became the Pecan Grove Auto Spa with new owners, a new manager, and a new attitude. We hope that you have already noticed a consistently high-level of quality and improved customer service - our goal is to provide you with friendly and efficient service. The Auto Spa continues to provide car wash and detail services, oil changes, TX state inspections, gasoline, and in-store merchandise.

PGAS Detail CanopyWe have already implemented a number of changes - HDTV service in the lobby, upgraded couches and chairs in the lobby, free Wi-Fi, the Houston Chronicle in the lobby, expanded merchandise in the store, appointments for details, and free shuttle service. We recently installed a detail canopy (left) and "Air Blasters" in the vacuum and in the tunnel after the blowers. We use the Air Blasters in the vacuum area to blow compressed air into the cup holders and console to remove small debris before we vacuum your vehicle. After the blowers do the initial drying in the tunnel, we use the Air Blasters to blow water out of the side mirrors and other areas where water continues to drip from.

Over the coming months you will see other changes as we continue to upgrade the facility inside and out. Some of the changes you can look forward to are continued improvements in the lobby, improvements in the restrooms, and a continuation of improved/expanded in-store merchandise.

We want Pecan Grove Auto Spa to be the premier car wash destination for the Pecan Grove and greater Richmond, TX communities and to make Pecan Grove Auto Spa As Good for the Driver as it is for the Car.

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